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Cooperations LINGUAS

We cooperate with the Austrian Federal Ministery of Education and operate under its umbrella.

We cooperate with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce- International Section.

We cooperate with Vienna University of Applied Sciences and are in constant exchange with the University of Salzburg and the University of Graz.

We cooperate with the Iranian Energy Ministry and Ministry of the Interior for workshops on emergency management, Soft Skills and Technology.

The project in Iran is at the moment at a halt waiting for further international decisions.

We are constantly expanding in Latin America and the Danube Region as weill as China and Taiwan.

Basic Presentation of the Project Education is Barrier-Free

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Train the Trainer for Languages and Humanities

Recent awards and memberships

We are very proud to present that  our company LINGUAS gained the go-international award 2018-2019 for Iran on February 8, 2018.

LINGUAS receivd the go-international award for this project on August 10, 2016.

Prof. Mag. Brita Pilshofer is Full Member of ILO/ ILERA s.


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Presentation of HTL Project as planned for Iran

The Austrian Educational System ( main interest: general and vocational education)

Education is Barrier-Free ( Educacao sem Fronteiras)


This project has gained the public pomotion by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce 2015-2019 on August 10, 2016 for Languages, Soft Skills and Humanities.

We are on the verge to a Joint Venture with an Iranian  Education Institute. We cooperate with ÖKF in Tehran. We negotiate with the Iranian Ministry of Energy.

We cooperate with Universities of Applied Sciences and with the University of Salzburg.

 We cooperated formerly with another company to establish technical education and also gained a promotion for the technical part in 2015.

In 2016 we took over solely with our company LINGUAS for our project Education is Barrier Free ( Bildung kennt keine Grenzen) for Iran, Brazil, and are expanding to Mexico, Colombia, Japan.

We have now reached a pre-contract by vigorous negotiations with the International Inventors Institute in Gilan, Iran .

 From June 1st 2016 the project " Education without Frontiers" ( Barrier Free ) has been taken over by our language institute  LINGUAS ( Mag.phil.Brita Pilshofer) and it deals with business, language education and general knowledge ( soft skills- promoted by the World Bank). see also


Fomentada por la Cámera de Comércio en Austria

.Esse projeto recebeu o apoio financeiro da Cámera de Comércio Austriaca.

Nos estamos colaborando com os governos da Austria e fora da Austria para estabelecer o ensino médio  e superior no Brasil,Colombia , Mexico e Irao. Somos  uma empresa que esta exportando educacao. Exportamos a qualificacao Austriaca com um grupo de especialistas na economia, soft skills, linguas e tourismo.

 Nosso instituto que faz o projeto da educacao,  traducoes e servico de interprete chama-se LINGUAS ( Mag.phil. Brita Pilshofer).

Bildung kennt keine Grenzen

Wir koordinieren Bildungsangebote auf internationaler Ebene und unterstützen aktiv Bildungseinrichtungen und Government bei Bildungsstrategien.

Wir vermitteln:

- Lizenzen                                    Licences                                   Licencas

-Diplome                                      Diplomas                                  Diplomas e qualificacoes

- Übersetzungen                           Translations                             Traducoes

- Management                              Management                             Gestao

- Marketing                                   Marketing                                Marketing

-Updating                                     Constant Updating                   Actualizacao

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Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Brita Pilshofer

Full Member of ILO/ ILERA

Zertifikation als Bildungsberater durch Magistrat Salzburg

Prof. Mag. Brita Pilshofer has a 33- year experience as a professor of languages and was Head of the English Department at the Swiss- Brazilian School ( International School) in Sao Paulo ( ESBSP).

She is Member of the Austrian Association of Research and Development of Education ( ÖFEB) and founder of a political network on education in all levels of education ( BSA-AG Bildung).

From 1987-1997 she was Individual Member of the International Labour Organisation ( ILO) and delivered speeches about work, gender and social affairs all over Europe.

She is now Full Research Member of ILO/ ILERA and Author of scientific publications and books.

She has a certificate to act as an educational consultant by the Magistrate of Salzburg ( 01/01/60245/2015/002)

Owner and CEO of the enterprise for language services LINGUAS ( Mag. phil. Brita Pilshofer, GISA: 27712047) and the international project Education is Barrier-Free ( Bildung kennt keine Grenzen)

Project Manager of the project „ Education is Barrier- Free „ , fostered by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for Iran and owned by her company LINGUAS
see also

www. prof-brita-pilshofer.at

 She was Project Manager of Higher Technical Education in Iran , Mexico) for which she gained a promotion by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce ( WKO Förderung) until 2016

Member of ÖFEB ( Österreichische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung im Bildungswesen- Austrian Society of Research and Development in Education)